We need a massive showing at the June 21st BAAQMD Board Meeting in SF! Please RSVP on this page.

Then write an email to the BAAQMD - see sample email below.


If you want to do 1 important thing to turn the dial on climate change, this is your chance. All you need to do is show up early and take a seat at the meeting. 

On June 21st the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) will meet to vote on Rule 12-16, critical for CA’s success in reaching our goals to reach 100% clean energy. This historic vote to regulate local refinery-emitted GHGs is under grave threat.

The staff of the BAAQMD has just added loopholes and exemptions to Rule 12-16 that will allow tar sands and other heavy crude to be refined. This will damage health and climate, and goes against the agency’s mandate to protect the public health.

We must demand removal of all loopholes.

We are trying to mobilize massively against the powerful oil lobby by bringing out the crowds to the hearing where they are set to vote on this. This has been a 5 year effort, and despite all the rhetoric about California's environmental leadership, the staff of this agency can't seem to resist the oil companies drive to pollute our planet irreversibly.

Please RSVP on this page to attend the meeting. We must arrive by 8:30 AM so that we can fill the hearing room. There will be huge oil industry turnout, so we have to get there before they do to be at the head of the line and fill all the seats. (Otherwise we’ll end up in an overflow room outside the hearing).

How to get there:
Caltrain: (Schedule LINK) Take the #314 train, which leaves at 7:04 am from Diridon Station in San Jose and 7:26 am from Palo Alto Station (@University Ave.) The #314 will get us there in time to be at the head of the line. We’ll have fun on the ride up! It’s a quick cab ride or ~20 min walk from the SF station to the meeting. We can share cabs. Tip: Leave time to park at the Caltrain Station and buy both your train ticket and parking pass for the day. You buy them both in the machine at the station so take note of your parking spot # before you head to the machine. 

More info. on Rule 12-16: Here is the analysis, conducted by local public health experts, of the deadly local health impacts of a transition to tar sands. This is in addition to the climate threat.
For background, listen to this April 19th KALW report, which includes interviews with members of the Richmond 


Please Email the BAAQMD:

Cut and paste the following message, add your name and city, and email it to the BAAQMD Board and staff Executive Officer. Then share with all your friends, family and communities, Facebook, Twitter:

To: mhiratzka@baaqmd.gov , jbroadbent@baaqmd.govcindy.chavez@bos.sccgov.orgcgroom@smcgov.orgmargaret.abe-koga@mountainview.govrsinks@cupertino.orgliz.kniss@cityofpaloalto.org

Subject: Adopt Rule 12-16 GHG Limits on Bay Area Refineries

Dear BAAQMD Board President Kniss, Members of the Board, and Executive Officer Jack Broadbent,

After several years of hearings, testimonies, and evaluations, we are at a historic juncture where we can make the right binding decision on limits to regional refinery GHG emissions. Bay Area refineries’ attempts to bring tar sands feedstocks into the region would help meet the WSPA’s members’ profitability improvement goals at the expense of the air we breathe locally and the climate in general. Californians expect to lead on climate issues, a feeling which has been immeasurably heightened by abdication at the federal level. With accelerated warming in the Arctic and a Delaware-size piece of the Antarctic ice shelf ready to break off at any moment, our captivity to the destructive effects of fossil fuel is foolish to the point of being suicidal. 

We urge the Board and staff not to bend to last minute industry pressure to water down Rule 12-16 as it was presented to the Board on May 31. We fully support a strong Rule 12-16 to place numeric limits on the growth of refinery GHGs. And we support a firm, clear GHG refinery emissions rule that does not allow the industry to seek future workarounds and capital modifications to refine tar sands. 

Your name and city

Add to Calendar 21-06-2017 08:45:00 21-06-2017 11:45:00 6 Attend Historic Vote on Refinery GHG Caps - June 21 We need a massive showing at the June 21st BAAQMD Board Meeting in SF! Please RSVP on this page. Then write an email to the BAAQMD - see sample email below.... 375 Beale St, Ste. 600 (between Folsom and Harrison), San Francisco, CA 94105, United States DD/MM/YYYY
June 21, 2017 at 8:45am - 11:45am
BAAQMD Offices
375 Beale St
Ste. 600 (between Folsom and Harrison)
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
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