Volunteers Wanted to Help Build Our Movement!


In the 3 years since 350SV launched, YOU have made an incredible difference for climate protection, from historic marches and rallies in SV, SF, Richmond, Oakland, Sacramento, to building momentum on divestment, stopping KXL, banning fracking in San Benito, writing letters to the editor, mobilizing the SV community and more... THANK YOU for your commitment and hard work!

But climate change is not yet slowing, we have a precious few years to peak emissions and head back toward 350 ppm. To meet this challenge, we want to expand our reach in 2015, mobilize more people, have a bigger impact, win more fights... But to do this, we need your help!

Here’s a LIST OF OPEN POSITIONS in 350SV. Let us know if you or someone you know wants to volunteer.

Communications Support:
Develop presentations, write news articles and other 350SV news, marketing, and educational materials.

Develops fundraising material, fundraising proposals and budgets. Build relationships with potential donors. Participate in regional 350 Bay Area fundraising committee (conference calls).

Letter-writing Campaign: 
Write letters to the media and political leaders, voicing strong public support for effective climate-stabilizing action.  

Talk with people at local events, explain our cause and strategies, tell people how they can make a difference, encourage them to join one of our events or meetings.

Partnership Development: Develop and cultivate partnerships with other organizations: faith communities, clubs, etc., so that we can help each other out, attend each other’s events, and be stronger together.

Social Media Coordinator: As a member of the Communications and Outreach team you will plan and implement an effective Social Media program utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  Assist the Coordination Committee and teams to further 350SV’s short and long term goals and objectives.  Report regularly on metrics of “Likes”, “Followers”, reach, and collection of email addresses to help build our numbers. 

Volunteer Coordination: Get to know our members and build relationships with them, understand how they would like to help us, assist them with becoming more engaged.